23 Sep Hursley 10k: job done!

Great run out today at the 6th annual Hursley 10k trail run.
All clients through safely. A slew of pb’s and a soaking for all involved.
Already talking about beating their times next year!!

21 Sep Event preparation tip

Hursley 10k is in Sunday. Start hydrating now. Small glasses if water at regular intervals.
Carbo meal today and a light meal sat evening IE salmon and cous cous.
Keep stretched and enjoy the run on Sunday!

19 Sep Clients sponsored sky dive

Zoe Cole and Lesley Smith from Weds Pilates class are doing a sponsored sky dive on 20th Oct.
Please support if possible, it is for the Foundation for the study of infant deaths.

18 Sep Advanced Pilates class

Thanks to the girls from the advanced Pilates class. A real pleasure to teach for the last hr of a v long day.
Testament to your level!

18 Sep Thought for the day

If you find yourself telling others ” I don’t have time to exercise” “I’m so busy”,
Ask yourself, what financial value would you put on good health?
Make time.
Walk to work.
Or park further away from the office and walk in.
We all have choices to make.

18 Sep Trail running

Great early morning trail run today with PT client.
Nice short blast out seeing deer, pheasants and buzzards.

16 Sep Sunday, day of rest?!

Day off today. Well, I say that, swimming with my girls at 11am family fun session.
Then walk dog, out on bikes later and poss flying kites!
Hursley 10k this time next week!

15 Sep Saturday PT & circuits

Great start to the weekend. Good workout with PT client at 7.30am. Think have found perfect lower back exercise for their tight lumbar region.
Circuits really good fun! Loads of hard work but still banter galore, mainly aimed at me!