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A high energy, fun filled class that uses principles that people have been using to train for hundreds of years. Boxercise itself began in 1992 and has now spread to classes all over the UK.

Classes utilise heavy bag work, speed balls, skipping, sparring with the Instructor and weight work to give a huge calorie burning workout! Kickboxercise, Boxercise for kids and PT Boxercise are all available.

All levels of experience are catered for from beginners to experienced boxers. The class uses a circuit training style format, with bags set up at regular intervals.

Boxercise classes have been clocked using Garmin heart rate monitors to burn up to 800 kcals!

Cost is £8 per session, payable in a 4 or 5 week blocks. £9 per hour drop-in fee. Class takes place in the Pavilion sports room, up at Colden Common park.

Boxercise 20th Anniversary Masterclass

2012 was Boxercises 20th year, so to celebrate this the annual masterclass was opened to the usual teachers of Boxercise, but also any clients that they wanted to bring along.

Kirstie L and Emma C, both PT clients of Macksfitness attended the Masterclass, held in Brunel University’s sports hall on October 6th.

A great time was had by all, we were taught the combination of punches that Muhammad Ali used to defeat George Foreman in the Rumble in the jungle as well as Floyd Mayweather combos and new circuit ideas…. and yes it was hard work!

Nomination for Boxercise Instructor of the year 2013!

Hi. My name’s Jo and I want to let you know about an amazing person I’ve known just over 3 years. I’ve had many gym memberships over the years, and hated every single one, every class has left me uninspired, bored and still overweight. Then I saw an advert in a local freebie paper for a Pilates class, went along to see what was what and met Andy McNeil. I went to his pilates classes in Colden Common, which I loved, then found out he also taught something called ‘boxercise’. I went along to a class and was instantly a convert. This was the hardest work I had ever done, but he made it seem easy, fun and I was losing weight and getting fitter.

Andy has this ability to push you really hard but always with a smile. His enthusiasm mixed with his great sense of humour and constant sarcasm make his classes a really enjoyable place to be. Totally down to Andy and his energy and encouragement I have lost weight (approximately 3 stone), become much; much fitter, even run a couple of 5km sponsored runs (which I wouldn’t ever have contemplated before!) and become a happier person overall.

This year Andy was diagnosed with Lymphoma and has been undergoing a course of Chemotherapy. This was a great worry to everyone who goes to his many classes (plus of course all his family & friends). However, this amazing person who has continued to take his classes, has refused to give in even when he quite clearly feels very poorly at times. In reality the only change to his lessons is sometimes less sparring directly with Andy, more ‘verbal’ instructions as he has not lost his ability to shout above the music to ‘encourage’ us all with our weights/skipping/bag work etc. He has even had many new ventures this year, including starting teaching Boxercise at Peter Symonds college in Winchester to classes of teenagers.

Andy is brilliant at what he does and I’m sure it won’t be long before he has his original levels of energy back to match his never waning Boxercise passion… in the meantime we (his Boxercise-ees) will continue to help with the huge amount of fund raising he has done (over £4000 for Lymphoma research so far) enjoy his class and I would like to nominate him for Boxercise Instructor of the Year – a worthy candidate and demonstration of what a positive attitude can achieve.

Andy you really are brilliant at what you do…thanks from us all. In the words of your logo ‘ you make the difference’.

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