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Client Testimonials

It is always great to get feedback on my classes and Personal training sessions. Here are a selection.

Personal Training

Boxercise and Circuits


I want to be able to walk into my 80’s!

That was my response to Andy’s ‘What do you want to achieve from your PT sessions?’

I’m only in my early 50’s but had spent the previous 5 months either laid up in bed, on crutches or walking with stick because of a lower spine injury. I had been under the care of a Spinal Consultant and Physio and they had got me to being mobile, then discharged me. However, I was frightened of transferring weight, any sudden movement, twisting or doing something that could set my recovery back.

In addition, I had just been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder with severely restricted right arm movement and was awaiting an operation and had just had a suspected TIA. My confidence was shredded.

Andy was instrumental in continuing my recovery. He listened to what I wanted to achieve physically – be able to do a basic Pilates class in 6 months; asked me to show him my range of movement; talked to me about my phycological concerns too. He then put together a tailored programme of 121 PT sessions once a week, with sets of exercises to do in between weekly sessions.

Theses 121 sessions were interrupted by my shoulder operation and Andy worked with my Shoulder Physio to build in appropriate shoulder recovery exercises into my routines too.

‘I love working with broken people’ – was Andy’s response!

This personalised programme along with taking a real interest in my recovery; adjusting as we went along and talking me through the inevitable psychological ups & downs that come along with a recovery programme, are what has got me to where I am now……

I did my first Pilates class after 4.5 months, pushing it up to two classes a week after a further month, then 2.5 months later I am now doing Circuit Training and Pilates every week. My shoulder has returned to 90% plus full movement and my back has never been better and I’m feeling very positive about my health generally.

I’d recommend working with Andy, he provides that missing link from being discharged from the Health Professionals to being capable of taking part in everyday exercise – his is a vital service.

Thanks Andy.


PT Client

Corporate Pilates

A corporate exercise class is hugely beneficial to me, both physically and mentally. I know I have a weekly scheduled class with my colleagues which helps motivate me to attend. After a tough day at work, knowing I can take time to exercise is great. I get to unwind and stretch out after sitting at my desk all day.

A corporate exercise class is hugely beneficial to me, both physically and mentally. The more recent Zoom workouts have ensured that same wellbeing has been retained. Andy’s instructions are so clear and he is always happy to provide a demo if needed.

If corporate exercise is an option for anyone, I highly recommend taking it. Knowing my company supports fitness shows me they care for my wellbeing.

Vicki Lee

Corporate Client

Why go to a gym?

Andy takes the time to ensure that individuals are assessed, encouraged and motivated to improve and maintain their fitness within each owns capabilities.

The circuit workouts are tweaked to keep things fresh and lively and the warm ups/warm downs are the best I’ve experienced … why go to a gym?

Dave Gibbons

Circuit Training Client

Maroon Beret of the Airborne forces

Having already used Andy of (Macks Fitness) to recover from a critical back injury incurred from over training and come back stronger and more flexible and able to deliver more power through Andy ‘s intensive Core work.

There was still the outstanding matter though of the reason for my training, one of the British Army’s most arduous courses, the Pre Parachute Selection Course to enable me to join the prestigious Airborne Forces . To that end, due to his experience in endurance and adventure races, I asked Andy if he was up for helping me out, and come up with a training package. After some heavy questioning he went away and researched thoroughly the events on the internet, considered my awkward lifestyle, strengths and weaknesses then came up with a plan and routine.

So, 8 months after having the worst injury of my life, I walked 10 feet tall with the coveted maroon beret of the Airborne Forces on my head, also sporting a Cheshire cat grin. I can honestly say that it was the most demanding week I have ever undertaken and it took me as much mental as physical robustness to achieve all the strictly controlled events that took me to well beyond what I thought possible .

I would like to thank Andy for the multi dimensional training which not only included physical conditioning, additionally he gave me the knowledge to recover as best i could by removing toxins post event and how to refresh my tired muscles ready for the next pounding. Plus a heavy emphasis was placed on mental preparation and coping strategies, something i hadn t really considered. This tiered package was in my opinion was the marked knowledge of an experienced professional Physical Trainer, coach and mentor. All I thought that he was going to do was bang on about ‘the core’.

Jim H

PT client

Stopped back pain

Despite being less than the perfect Pilates student, I can truthfully say that this class has stopped me from having recurring and excruciating periods of back pain. I used to injure my back, about every six months or so. This mainly happened when I was reaching forward for something, nothing strenuous. The last couple of times I did this, it led to back spasms which left me in tears. It was such intense pain once that I have had to ring the doctor to beg for stronger pain killers than the ones he had diagnosed that morning, because I could not face the pain any longer. I was trying not to breathe too deeply as it would send my back into spasm again. The physiotherapist I was referred to recommended I take up Pilates to strengthen my core muscles.

Since attending the Macks Fitness Pilates classes, this problem has not happened again. Although I have attended other Pilates classes over the years, this is the only one that has stopped the back problems and feels like it is actually working. Andy takes the time to explain how to do each exercise to prevent injury and bring maximum benefit, adapting to different levels of ability. I would thoroughly recommend it and do.

Catherine Patel

PT Client

Baby tummy banished

After giving birth 2.5 years ago, my stomach muscles had turned to jelly and I had given up on ever regaining a waist again! I was constantly putting my back out and doing up my jeans had become a distant memory. An emergency C section and abdominal separation had certainly taken it’s toll. A physio had been so negative about my situation that I was rather sceptical when I first joined Andy’s Pilates class.

Andy gave me a program of exercises tailored for abdominal separation which I have stuck to every day. His encouragement and expert guidance at our initial consultation left me inspired and determined to overcome these hurdles. Six months later and every one is complementing me on my figure. I feel much stronger in myself and am amazed at the difference Pilates has made. It’s great to fit into those skimpy jeans again too!

Janet Hunt

Pilates Client

Bootcamp 90’s classics!!

Bootcamp is fantastic – Andy is really in tune with your needs and the areas you need to work on most, and is a fantastic motivator. It was great to see the progress I was making week on week. Got to love kickstarting the weekend with some 90s club classics and burpees!

Jodie S

Bootcamp client