Exercise & lymphoma

Back in 2013 I started to feel unwell. A cough that wouldn’t go away, weight loss and night sweats.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in May 2013. I then had 6 months of Chemotherapy.

Recurrence happened in 2014, tough to deal with!

Three months of Salvage chemo followed then six days of high dose BEAM chemotherapy to re-boot my immune system. Monitored for the next 5 years.

andy mack - exercise-and-lymphoma

It is now ten years later and I would say that cancer has given me a new outlook on life and a renewed passion for physical and mental health.

I’ve had numerous people contact me for advice for either themselves or loved ones who are going through the trauma of a Cancer diagnosis or the hardship of Chemotherapy.

My experience has led me to have a unique insight into how Cancer patients will be feeling, before, during and after treatment.

When I say to a client “I know how you feel?” with regards to cancer symptoms, chemo side effects, mental challenges, I actually DO know how they feel.

I feel this gives me a unique standpoint as a physical trainer to help people going through treatment for Cancer and related symptoms.

I have also worked with the Lymphoma action team, consulting on types of exercise that people before or during treatment can do to help them through cancer treatments and the related side effects. Lymphoma Action (lymphoma-action.org.uk)

I helped Southampton general hospital create an exercise program for people to use after they had completed a course of Chemotherapy.

My company, Macks Fitness Ltd did numerous charity raising events in 2013 and 2014 to help raise money for Macmillan charity, Winchester hospital and the Lymphoma association (as it was known then) totally nearing £10,000 in raise funds.

I feel that I have taken more away from my experience of cancer that it took from me. I now have a young son who keeps me young and he reminds me how lucky I am to be here to enjoy my new time with him.

It was a real privilege to be asked to present at the Lymphoma association national conference and AGM.

The brief I’d been given was the effects of exercise on patients who are going through treatment for cancer as well as post treatment.

I had a fantastic day in Birmingham with Anne Hook and all the team from the Lymphoma association.

Thanks again!

Andy explains how exercise can help when living with lymphoma.