Gym Design Consultant

Our gym consultancy service is perfect for both commercial gyms and home setups. Let’s have a chat and Macks Fitness can provide guidance in terms of equipment, space and management.

Colden Common Park

Macks Fitness was approached by Colden Common Parish Council and asked to help create a new outdoor gym space.

This involved potential sites being identified, a number of suppliers being tried and tested and a final gym specification being decided.
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Holiday Inn Winchester

Macks Fitness was approached by the team at the Holiday Inn Winchester to help them set up and run their first gym back in 2012.

The hotel utilised several forms from Macks Fitness, to ensure both the hotel and guests could use the on site facilities to the best  benefit for all concerned.

The gym layout was confirmed by Macks Fitness Ltd, and eventually the on site gym became so successful, the the hotel complex expanded the gym facilities to a much larger spa and gym complex.

Hunter Park Twyford

Twyford Parish Council approached Macks Fitness for consultation regarding creating a new outdoor gym for Twyford residents.

We helped decide the location in Hunter Park, the type of equipment used to fit the aesthetic of the area and the pieces of equipment purchased.

It was an immensely satisfying experience and the gym is still going strong.

personal training with macks fitness