Horseplay 2012

Horseplay is a Rat race events run that takes part at night. It is a 7 mile trail run through the wood in which the film “Sleepy Hollow” was shot. The event is called Horseplay as you run over a cross country equestrian course, jumps and all!! Yes, there was water.

This event took on a particular significance for Macksfitness as a PT client Thea Simon had seen friends and colleagues do the Hellrunner in 2011 and had decided that she wanted in on the action.

The only difference here, is that Thea was involved in a very serious road accident only 7 months before this race took part that left her 2mm from being paralysed and with a missing lumbar vertebrae.

Thea started training with me on her core strength, stability and overall fitness.

The results were astounding! The race was a superbly planned event. The ever young Penni H placed 2nd in the womens class and Thea completed the race in fine form!

A brilliant day/night.



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