LLoyd vs the Mountain!

The goal was to ski past the Seracs and down the North face of the Motte glacier, skin (1hr) up the Dôme de Pramecou and ski the steep North face of Pramecou (which I’d never done before).

Unfortunately, the Grande Motte cable car was broken after 240kph winds so we had to skin up to and past the top cable car station of the Motte  (another hour skin).

The training I’d done with Andy allowed me to get to the top of both skins in a fresh state and be in the best possible condition to enjoy the awesome skis past the Seracs and down the two North Faces.  Thanks Andy.

After the first skin on top of the Motte (3450m)

the Motte

North face of Pramecou (entrance to left of where ski points)

North face of Pramecou

Jake’s skin to Pointe de la Sana (pyramid peak on left) view from Pente des Lorès

Jake’s skin to Pointe de la Sana


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