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We decided to create a members section as so many clients were asking for some form of online support, so here we are.

Click on the relevant section below to access all the extra benefits of being a member of MacksFitness, whether that is a reference guide for Pilates, a fitness and strength improving workout or some advice on stretching and rehab.


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Macksfitness Pilates video

Pilates Videos

In this Pilates section you will find all the basic set up positions, reminders on neutral pelvis, engaging your core and some choice workouts!

Macksfitness featured-workout video

Featured Workout

Want to work on your strength and endurance?
Looking to tone up? Or simply want a regular workout to follow?
This is the section for you!

Macksfitness Stretches and Rehab

Stretches & Rehab

All of us struggle with niggly injuries or inflexibility. In this section we show you how to go through basic stretches for the whole body as well as specific exercises for common injuries.