Online Fitness and Pilates Classes

Online fitness classes can bring many things: motivation, friendship, guidance and community. You can now join Macksfitness for online PT and Pilates classes.

It’s a great way to stay fit and it’s an ideal way of getting colleagues or friends together remotely to keep fit.

All classes are delivered in the comfort of your home using Zoom Video, which can be accessed via the Zoom website or app.

Zoom is free to use and we recommend you download the Zoom app prior to your first class.

Your instructor can hear, see and interactive with you live, allowing them to monitor your form and offer advice, teaching points, adaptions and corrections in real time. Likewise you can see, hear and interact with your instructor.

Not only are they social and fun but also a really good workout!


If the client has no prior experience of Pilates, an hour long induction will be needed before their first class. Cost is £40.

Each class is 45 minutes long and all equipment needed is provided by Macksfitness.

Classes are held online via Zoom and in the social club in Twyford, just outside Winchester.

Cost is £8 per session, payable in monthly blocks. £9 per session drop-in fee.

“A corporate exercise class is hugely beneficial to me, both physically and mentally.

The more recent Zoom workouts have ensured that same wellbeing has been retained.

Andy’s instructions are so clear and he is always happy to provide a demo if needed.”

Vicki Lee