Personal Training Testimonials

Here are a few Testimonials from PT clients, including the incredible story of how Jim H got his Beret!!

Awesome work Richard!

A one hundred mile cycling event, one week after a triathlon, having already done a trail marathon and multiple park run PBs already this year. What a difference 2 years makes!!

Thank you Andy Mack for helping Rich with his transformation. He only set out to get healthy and is now loving these events and has shed a whopping 7 stone! (45kg!)

PT Client

Amazing weight loss!!

When it became apparent that I really needed a fitness programme I was a bit concerned. Being a gymaphobic and exercise class quitter the best option, I felt, was to have a personal trainer. Having met Andy at a Pilates class he was running and liking his methods of teaching we arranged for a course of sessions with him. I was very surprised the difference having a one to session made. Everything I did was monitored carefully and the exercises adapted to my needs. Andy makes the sessions interesting, and balanced so that although I am worked hard and i am not allowed to slack I always come away feeling a sense of achievement. I am never allowed to stay in my comfort zone but am always challenged by something. If I can’t do something Andy is very patient and will demonstrate movements and give encouragement until I succeed. I never feel a failure in any way.

His training and dietary advice have paid amazing dividends as I have lost nearly 2 stone since May and am now much fitter. (I know this as I can now chase the grand children without collapsing!)

I would recommend anyone to train with Andy as he will not let you fail.

Thanks Andy.

PT Client

Tom’s story

I first started training Tom back in 2012. The goal was primarily weight loss. After a few months he had lost over a stone of weight! Great Job. Then circumstances meant that we had to stop training for a period and we resumed Tom’s weight loss program in October 2016.

When we resumed training, Tom explained how he now had type 2 Diabetes and that this was one of the primary reasons why he had wanted to restart his health program with Macks Fitness Ltd. All the fizzy drinks went down the drain and Tom’s meal plans were carefully controlled.

Through a combination of Dietary controls, twice weekly PT sessions as well as daily exercises set by me, Tom all in all, has lost an amazing 5 stone and 5 1/2 lbs !!

“I feel my training has gone very well. I have lost a lot of weight and have enjoyed training and improved fitness. I have done well with food, changing my diet which has been a challenge. Andy is fun to train with, and I also feel I am in a better place with food. I will continue now training has finished, I enjoyed the boxing a lot hitting Andy was fun!! he is a good laugh it has been a challenge!”

PT Client

Maroon Beret of the Airborne forces

Having already used Andy of (Macks Fitness) to recover from a critical back injury incurred from over training and come back stronger and more flexible and able to deliver more power through Andy ‘s intensive Core work.

There was still the outstanding matter though of the reason for my training, one of the British Army’s most arduous courses, the Pre Parachute Selection Course to enable me to join the prestigious Airborne Forces . To that end, due to his experience in endurance and adventure races, I asked Andy if he was up for helping me out, and come up with a training package. After some heavy questioning he went away and researched thoroughly the events on the internet, considered my awkward lifestyle, strengths and weaknesses then came up with a plan and routine.

So, 8 months after having the worst injury of my life, I walked 10 feet tall with the coveted maroon beret of the Airborne Forces on my head, also sporting a Cheshire cat grin. I can honestly say that it was the most demanding week I have ever undertaken and it took me as much mental as physical robustness to achieve all the strictly controlled events that took me to well beyond what I thought possible .

I would like to thank Andy for the multi dimensional training which not only included physical conditioning, additionally he gave me the knowledge to recover as best i could by removing toxins post event and how to refresh my tired muscles ready for the next pounding. Plus a heavy emphasis was placed on mental preparation and coping strategies, something i hadn t really considered. This tiered package was in my opinion was the marked knowledge of an experienced professional Physical Trainer, coach and mentor. All I thought that he was going to do was bang on about ‘the core’.

Jim H

PT Client

“Just one more”

Before I begin my review there are a couple fundamental things you need to understand … ‘just one more’ while sat in the pub is, or should I say was, my usual way of spending the evening … my diet consists of fast food and coffee ‘black strong and lots of sugar’.

I am not your typical exercise type of person – I’m not overweight so being fit has never really worried me. I have flirted with the idea of working out for years. I would join the gym for a month and go for the first week and then start to find reasons not to go. I have joined various classes and never lasted longer than a few weeks, I took up running and trained once a week for a month and once again failed to continue.

I also suffer with back problems and high cholesterol; as I hit thirty the high cholesterol started to worry me and as for my back I have spent a fortune going to various chiropractors and back specialists all to no avail, and then I met Andy through his Pilates classes at work – I’ll be honest, I initially only went as I thought it was a good excuse for an hour lunch break, and then I realised the class was working, my back started feeling better, and the classes were fun, how worrying I had been doing the class for a good few months and not lost interest!

I decided to give the Personal Training a go; My fitness levels started to improve and I could feel the difference that the training was making – for the first few weeks it was an effort to go but as always Andy manages to make the training feel fun – the exercises he gave me were geared up for my abilities, I have never been made to feel like I can’t do this, its feels more like I will have to work at this. I maintained the personal training on a weekly basic for 6 months and have now taken on Boxercise on a weekly basis.

Training with Andy both from a personal trainer point of view and from a trainer in a class setting has given me a whole new view on exercise. The classes are fun and everything is based on personal ability, there is no sense of if I don’t get this right or do this to the same level as everyone else I’m going to feel stupid, which I can now see is the reason behind so many failed gym memberships and other enrolments in classes.

Macks Fitness has given me the opportunity to train and enjoy it and now I’m loath to miss the classes and I’m finding excuses to attend more classes.

Helen Greenslade

PT Client

Getting back into exercise

I contacted Andy for some short-term PT as I needed someone knowledgeable as I had a couple of long-term injuries and he helped get me back into an exercise routine. I always looked forward to my weekly sessions often training outside in the park and Andy was always enthusiastic and easy to chat to making the training go by quickly!

I would very much recommend him!

Sophia Armstrong

PT Client

London Marathon training

Andy, Big thank you for all your hard work and advice. You got me there! I have come through injury free & elated. 

Thank you again for everything you have done.

Paul Wright

PT Client

CCFC U15s reach Tyro Cup final

Andy – I would like to thank you for the fitness training you have given to Colden Common under15s boys this season.

They all loved doing this type of training and found it beneficial especially for their stamina and balance.

I do believe this is one of the reason we have reached the Tyro Cup final this year.

I would definitely recommend it to other football teams. 

Alan Fountain, Coach CCFC U15s

PT Client

Postural awareness

… am really feeling I am getting somewhere with pilates and am very much more aware of my posture generally. Excellent, thanks very much for your brilliant tuition.

Katy Farnell

PT Client

Self confidence

Over the last 12 weeks you have given me back my self confidence, self worth and self belief. My attitude to food and my self image has totally changed and for the first time ever, I’m not ruled by the scales!

Lucy Webb

PT Client

Ab Fab!

After only 7 sessions with you over the same number of weeks, we have achieved what I asked for in my original brief to you – ‘toned and honed and ready for the beach’.

ABSolutely FABulous – thank you.

Tania M.

PT Client

Back from the brink

Read about Thea’s amazing recovery with the help of Macks Fitness in Hampshire Life magazine.

Open the pdf here

PT Client