This week’s class times

TuesBeg Pilates7pm6
Adv Pilates8pm8
WedBeg Pilates7pm6
SatSaturday Mix Up8.15am6
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Based on Joseph Pilates’ 34 classical mat based exercises, the Pilates teacher creates a class that will re-align postural defects, increase flexibility and strengthen core muscles. Every month, a new focus is given to each class, be it pelvic stability, strength of upper abdominals or ribcage stabilisation. An overall focus on core strength and stability is the main aim.

Pilates has long been seen as the “cure” for a bad back. But the truth is that it is a postural correction system that realigns muscular imbalance in the body.
Macksfitness Pilates classes focus on strengthening the whole physicality using the 34 original mat based exercises. Each client will be appraised by the teacher in class and modifications and adjustments made where necessary.
If the client has no prior experience of Pilates, an hour long induction will be needed before their first class. Cost is £37.50.

Each class is 1 hour long and all equipment needed is provided by Macksfitness.

Classes are held in the Pavilion sports room which is situated in Colden Common park.

Cost is £8 per session, payable in a 4 or 5 week block. £9 per hour drop-in fee.

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Tel: 01962 714771    Mobile: 07920 282502    Email: info@macksfitness.co.uk