PT client Elizabeth McKerracher’s Grand Canyon Adventure!

download-17In the first half of 2014 I was contacted by Elizabeth with regards to getting her ready for a monumental personal challenge!

Elizabeth was to do a sponsored walk through the Grand Canyon in the US, raising funds for Marie Curie cancer care in the process! A program was created, weekly training sessions ensued. Lashings of Squats and lunges, as-well as a regular walking program being created.


Between the 20th and 27th of September 2014 Elizabeth walked through parts of the amazing grand canyon raising well over her target figure of £3000!

“a lot of patience, forbearance, tolerance, compassion and support was shown and given in different ways by everyone to one another, lots of cuts and bruises, my face literally looked like I’d been in a punch up by the end but no blisters or aching legs – the training really paid off (special thanks to my training partners who gave up their time to walk with me through the summer months and Andy McNeil from Macks fitness, who got me started), no TV radio phone internet emails, no contact at all with the outside world for 6 days, and I didn’t miss it at all except for wanting to tell my boys everything as it happened rather than after the event, Corinne meeting me at Heathrow and my boys being there when I got home – lots of hugs so a very happy ending!”

Elizabeth McK

A superb job Elizabeth, well done!




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