Boxercise & Circuits Testimonials

Nomination for Boxercise Instructor of the year 2013!

Hi. My name’s Jo and I want to let you know about an amazing person I’ve known just over 3 years. I’ve had many gym memberships over the years, and hated every single one, every class has left me uninspired, bored and still overweight.  Then I saw an advert in a local freebie paper for a Pilates class, went along to see what was what and met Andy McNeil.  I went to his pilates classes in Colden Common, which I loved, then found out he also taught something called ‘boxercise’. I went along to a class and was instantly a convert.  This was the hardest work I had ever done, but he made it seem easy, fun and I was losing weight and getting fitter.

Andy has this ability to push you really hard but always with a smile. His enthusiasm mixed with his great sense of humour and constant sarcasm make his classes a really enjoyable place to be. Totally down to Andy and his energy and encouragement I have lost weight (approximately 3 stone), become much; much fitter, even run a couple of 5km sponsored runs (which I wouldn’t ever have  contemplated before!) and become a happier person overall.

This year Andy was diagnosed with Lymphoma and has been undergoing a course of Chemotherapy. This was a great worry to everyone who goes to his many classes (plus of course all his family & friends). However, this amazing person who has continued to take his classes, has refused to give in even when he quite clearly feels very poorly at times.  In reality the only change to his lessons is sometimes less sparring directly with Andy, more ‘verbal’ instructions as he has not lost his ability to shout above the music to ‘encourage’ us all with our weights/skipping/bag work etc. He has even had many new ventures this year, including starting teaching Boxercise at Peter Symonds college in Winchester to classes of teenagers.

Andy is brilliant at what he does and I’m sure it won’t be long before he has his original levels of energy back to match his never waning Boxercise passion… in the meantime we (his Boxercise-ees) will continue to help with the huge amount of fund raising he has done (over £4000 for Lymphoma research so far) enjoy his class and I would like to nominate him for Boxercise Instructor of the Year – a worthy candidate and demonstration of what a positive attitude can achieve.

Andy you really are brilliant at what you do…thanks from us all. In the words of your logo ‘ you make the difference’.

Boxercise power!

Despite often not feeling up for it and arriving 2 minutes late every week (denial I was coming) I can look back and say I loved it.  The post baby haze when I couldn’t do a single squat thankfully a memory.  Many of us tend to focus on core and cardio.  I think its so important to get some power in our bodies too.  Boxercise does just that, along with some great banter.  I’ll miss you guys.  I genuinely felt quite sad when I left!

Sara Davies 3 stone weight loss!

Last October (2010) after a second bout of illness I decided that I needed to do something about my health and weight. I joined Weight Watchers simultaneously with joining Macks Fitness for Boxercise and Circuit classes.

For the last 8 months I have worked hard at diet and fitness, encouraged by Andy every step of the way. His knowledge as a fitness instructor is very impressive and he was eager to learn and understand the weight loss plan I was on because he could see how the benefits would assist me. He is always improving, tweaking and adapting his classes so that it never gets boring.

I really look forward to and enjoy Andy’s classes, even after a hard day at work when I don’t always really feel like dragging myself out. The classes are hard work but great fun with much mickey taking and laughter to break the pain barriers .

I have now lost over 3 stone and I am fitter than I have been for more than 14 years. I feel so much better physically, emotionally and mentally.

Andy has really helped me reach where I am today.

Matt Carey

I joined Andy’s boxercise class in the middle of 2010. I had already started my fitness ‘regime’ but needed something that would help with core exercises, add a little boost to what I was doing already as well as a little difference to keep things interesting. Before I started I was running 9 minute miles and had lost approximately 2 stone. However, I couldn’t seem to run any quicker and my weight loss had plateaued. After a few weeks of adding boxercise into my fitness programme this soon changed. I have now lost a further stone (and can’t seem to put weight on!) and I’m now running 7 minute miles. I have just competed in my first triathlon in which I finished 3rd – way above my expectations!

I would recommend this class to anyone at any level of fitness as Andy will help you reach any goals you have in such a way that you won’t even realise you’re doing it!

A lot fitter…

Thanks Andy- I do feel a lot fitter since coming to your classes (when did i start?)-They are tailored to my needs, fun, personal and the other people are great too. – Matt Dore

Improved my fitness

I really look forward to the class as it has not only improved my fitness but has helped with my posture and overall well-being. I have been inspired to get off the sofa and sign up for more classes and I am sleeping better at night than I have in years. – Angela O.

Best nights sleep

I went home feeling 2 inches taller and had the best nights sleep.  It was great doing a full workout but without jumping around for an hour. – L. Webb

Why go to a gym?

Andy takes the time to ensure that individuals are assessed, encouraged and motivated to improve and maintain their fitness within each owns capabilities. The circuit workouts are tweaked to keep things fresh and lively and the warm ups/warm downs are the best I’ve experienced … why go to a gym? – Dave Gibbons

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