Pilates Testimonials

Here are a few Testimonials from Pilates clients.

I have only been doing Pilates with Andy for a few weeks and have already noticed improvements in my core strength and overall flexibility. Classes are a bit of a giggle too, which is an added bonus.

I’ve now started doing some practice in between classes, using Andy’s online videos which is helping to increase my confidence (and memory) through a sequence of movements.

Kim Newton

Pilates Client

Pilates through pregnancy

I started Pilates with Andy about 6 months after having my first baby. Straight away I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the class and it soon really helped to strengthen my core again. Seven months later I fell pregnant again and after speaking to Andy, decided to continue with the Pilates throughout my pregnancy. He was able to provide me with alternative antenatal exercises if any were unsuitable, whilst keeping to the monthly focus.

With my first pregnancy I suffered terrible lower back and hip troubles on my right side which really put a damper on my whole ‘pregnancy experience.’ Doctors and physiotherapists couldn’t seem to establish the exact problem or give me any exercises which targeted the pain directly. They also told me that if I were to get pregnant again, the chances were that it would be even worse the second time around. I told Andy that my problems were likely to start again at around 16 weeks. I’m pretty sure that the pilates had a lot to do with the fact that the pains didn’t start until a lot later (26 weeks) this time. Once they did start, Andy pretty much diagnosed it there and then and was able to tailor exercises to my needs in class. He also found some exercises for me to do at home which unbelievably targeted and relieved the sore spots directly.

Thanks to Andy’s pilates, this pregnancy has been so much more comfortable and enjoyable as I’ve been able to control and manage my back/hip problems rather than the other way around. I’ve been able to work up to my 38th week this time and have had stretches and exercises to call on when the pain has been bad. At 38 weeks pregnant, I’ve just finished my last pilates class for a wee while and am feeling optimistic the pilates will also prove valuable for the birth!

Ruth B

Pilates Client

Challenging Pilates

Although I have been doing Pilates for a number of years, I still found Andy’s classes challenging. The emphasis on core is good and my core strength definitely improved while doing Andy’s class. The atmosphere is fun and not at all intimidating. I also liked the fact that Andy focuses on a different area each month which helps to keep the class fresh. My daughter has also joined Andy’s Pilates classes – her flexibility has improved hugely.

Thanks Andy….

Sarah Jones

Pilates Client

Pilates and pregnancy

Pilates with Andy is always fun with as much laughter as hard work!!! I started attending Andy’s Pilates for general fitness and conditioning reasons but then fell pregnant about 6 months later. Andy was always really good at letting me know what I could and couldn’t do, as well as offering alternatives so that I didn’t feel left out during the class. During my pregnancy I had Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), which at times was unbearably painful. Andy was really good at suggesting exercises, which I could do during this time and I feel that doing Pilates helped minimise the pain and discomfort caused by the PGP. I also feel that the Pilates help prepare my body for giving birth and recovery.

Aimee Cox

Pilates Client

Trouble free concert standing!!

Stood for 3 hours last night at Matt Cardle concert, (don’t comment) and while all around me were complaining of aching backs and joints for being stood for so long, I did not suffer one little ache all night.

So thank you, oh great Pilates teacher, for the joys such good teaching brings!

Deb Gillespie

Pilates Client

Fire fighter finds his Core

Having suffered 2 slipped discs whilst over training for a load carry endurance event, I was advised by physiotherapists to try and improve my core through Pilates. I inwardly groaned. I had been down this road before and was disappointed with its instruction and lack of any tangible gain.

Andy’s number was given to me via some Twyford friends and having little to lose and everything to gain I got in touch.

Easy going, knowledgeable and professional are pretty much your first impressions of Andy as a trainer. At the end of my batch of 4 tailored sessions, I was a reluctant Pilates convert. My discs sorted ,my core muscles engaged and strengthened, and my ageing 39 year old body has recovered, prospered and developed a system to prevent this awful injury re occurring.

The power and stamina that I had up until the injury has been equalled and super ceded, I can only describe well taught Pilates as the missing link in my training, giving me more whip in my movements and power development to carry weight and at speed.

From the initial personal training, I now attend his regular classes and can fully benefit from regular observation and advice so that I don t stray from the ‘CORE’ path and a fair mean work out.

Jim Hutchen

Pilates Client

Stopped back pain

Despite being less than the perfect Pilates student, I can truthfully say that this class has stopped me from having recurring and excruciating periods of back pain. I used to injure my back, about every six months or so. This mainly happened when I was reaching forward for something, nothing strenuous. The last couple of times I did this, it led to back spasms which left me in tears. It was such intense pain once that I have had to ring the doctor to beg for stronger pain killers than the ones he had diagnosed that morning, because I could not face the pain any longer. I was trying not to breathe too deeply as it would send my back into spasm again. The physiotherapist I was referred to recommended I take up Pilates to strengthen my core muscles.

Since attending the Macks Fitness Pilates classes, this problem has not happened again. Although I have attended other Pilates classes over the years, this is the only one that has stopped the back problems and feels like it is actually working. Andy takes the time to explain how to do each exercise to prevent injury and bring maximum benefit, adapting to different levels of ability. I would thoroughly recommend it and do.

Catherine Patel

Pilates Client

Baby Tummy banished

After giving birth 2.5 years ago, my stomach muscles had turned to jelly and I had given up on ever regaining a waist again! I was constantly putting my back out and doing up my jeans had become a distant memory. An emergency C section and abdominal separation had certainly taken it’s toll. A physio. had been so negative about my situation that I was rather sceptical when I first joined Andy’s Pilates class.

Andy gave me a program of exercises tailored for abdominal separation which I have stuck to every day. His encouragement and expert guidance at our initial consultation left me inspired and determined to overcome these hurdles.

Six months later and every one is complementing me on my figure. I feel much stronger in myself and am amazed at the difference Pilates has made. It’s great to fit into those skimpy jeans again too !

Janet Hunt

Pilates Client

Baby Names…

I attended Andy’s Pilates class at work from about 20 weeks to 37 weeks. Andy was very patient with me whilst also attending to the fully functioning non- pregnant members of the class!

I found that the class helped me be very active throughout my pregnancy regularly going out for up to 4 km walks up to 40 weeks. I didn’t experience any hip or back pain and worked up to 39 weeks (and would have been happy to carry on longer !).

I couldn’t recommend the classes enough. Andy was also a great help with choosing baby names 😉

Pilates Client

Body understanding

Having struggled with multiple injuries over the last few years I decided that Pilates would be a good way to develop my core muscles and hopefully reduce my injury rate. What I hadn’t expected was how useful it would be in identifying the source of my injuries.

Up to now I have been shoved between numerous hospital specialist each with their own field, non of which could identify or fix me. What I found at Macks Fitness Pilates was an understanding of the links between not only the parts of my body and the pain but the connections between my injuries and the root source.

This has allowed me to get treatment for the root cause through Macks Fitness, hopefully leading to a long term solution rather than the superficial treatment of the pain which was only ever a short term fix.

Kathy Sherratt

Pilates Client, Environment Agency

A Pilates convert

Thank you so much for everything this year – I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes – it has been a long while since I have actually enjoyed getting fitter!

I am definitely a pilates convert now!

Sally Boyden

Pilates Client

Beneficial for my pregnancy

… the classes are friendly and small, which is perfect as Andy has time to tailor each exercise to your pregnancy & spend time making sure you are doing the exercises correctly. I definately recommend this class as i found Andy to be a very conscientious teacher & the exercises beneficial for my pregnancy.

Emma D

Pilates Client

Postural awareness

… am really feeling I am getting somewhere with pilates and am very much more aware of my posture generally. Excellent, thanks very much for your brilliant tuition.

Katy Farnell

Pilates Client

Dramatic improvement

I visited my physiotherapist at Southampton General Hospital last week and she tested the flexion and extension movements of my neck. She was surprised by the dramatic improvement in them.

I told her that I had started attending your Pilates classes only 3 weeks ago and how I had noticed not only how much my neck movements had improved but also my shoulders and back!

I thoroughly enjoy your classes as you make me feel that I’m not exerting myself and yet the exercises are obviously having such a positive effect.

Many thanks.

J. Francere

Pilates Client

Noticeable difference

I have been attending the classes now since they started and there has been a noticeable difference not only in my shape (and a little weight loss) but with my back muscle strength.

I am now able to do the gardening and not have back pain the next day, which is something I suffered with on a regular basis.

H Turner

Pilates Client

Perfect Workout!

It’s a great mixture of working hard to strengthen your body, and stretching your body for the perfect relaxation.

Perfect workout!

Maggie Reynolds

Pilates Client

Best nights sleep

I went home feeling 2 inches taller and had the best nights sleep.

It was great doing a full workout but without jumping around for an hour.

L. Webb

Pilates Client