Important Information: Updated: 01.04.2021

The following is Information regarding the payment scheme for Macks Fitness exercise classes and Personal Training sessions.

  • All private/non corporate classes will be charged at £8:00 per hour per session. Circuit, Pilates and Boxercise. Corporate classes may be charged at this rate with prior agreement with Macks fitness management.
  • Zoom held classes will be charged at different rates depending on the complexity of the class or equipment loaned out to clients.
  • 24 hours notice must be given for non attendance of a class. If this is not given, the full class fee is due for payment.
  • Each class block is payable in full, regardless of sessions you cannot attend due to holidays etc. In extenuating circumstances IE sickness, bereavement etc exceptions will of course be made.
  •  The full fee for a missed class will be due if you do not attend.
  • A surcharge of £1:00 will be added to classes for “dropping in” and not paying for a 4 week block.
  • Payments will still be due in the last week of the pay run for the next block of classes. Pay blocks are normally 4 or 5 weeks in length.
Personal Training:
  • Personal training is charged at £37.50 per hour as of April 1st 2019
  •  PT sessions are paid for in blocks of 4 sessions. This is a minimum requirement.
  • 24 hours notice is also required if you are unable to attend or cancel a pre arranged Personal Training session. If this criteria is not met the session will be lost.
  • Paid PT sessions must be taken within 3 months of paying for them. After this time, if the pre -paid PT sessions are not taken they will be lost.
  • Peak times for PT :- Peak times are classified as a weekend. Any PT session taken on a Saturday morning will be charged at £40 for the hour. Personal Training is not available on a Saturday afternoon.
  • No PT sessions are available on a Sunday.
Corporate Fitness classes:
  • Corporate fitness classes whether Pilates, Circuits or Boxercise are charged at £55 for the agreed time.
  • A maximum of 12 people will be allowed in each class. If this number is exceeded it may be relevant to start a second class.
  • Any Corporate class where the business is looking to cancel a class on a one off basis, 24 hours notice must be given or the class will be charged at full rate.
  • If the Trainer or Trainers taking the corporate fitness class have to travel for over 20 minutes to get to the venue, a surcharge of £5 may be added to the amount charged per session.
  • If a company is looking to cancel/stop a weekly exercise class, 2 months notice must be given. If this condition is not met a cancellation fee will be applied for the two months notice period. The only condition that renders this point moot, is when the class is in its first 6 months of occuring.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries.