01 May PREDICT study complete

My 14 days of the #PREDICTSTUDY are over. It has been very insightful with regards to eating, nutrition and habit more than anything.

I will be writing an article on my observations.

Oh and these were stuck in my arm for the past two weeks….

29 Apr Day twelve : PREDICT study

5lb weightloss and a shrunken stomach?! Back on my normal breakfast of Organic jumbo rolled oats, and it’s tough!! Been on #manymuffins for 12 days and I’m struggling to eat my porridge.Also, 5lbs lost in 12 days. Have not trained properly since the study so will see how the strength level and cardio has been affected this week.

28 Apr Day eleven : PREDICT study

Fibre breakfast! V v hungry this morning. Went out last night for my birthday meal with my family to Zizzis in Winchester.

The PREDICT team had told us that all of Zizzis menu was on the apps data base…. Not seabass though!?

Last breakfast set by the study. Two nice muffins, quite sweet. A cereal bar and a brownie! Not bad #PREDICTstudy not bad. #nutrition #guthealth #manymuffins #predict #fitness #fitnessmotivation #corestrength #coreworkout #callistenics #personaltraining

27 Apr Day ten : PREDICT study

Two plastic consistency muffins later…. Yuck.

One thing this study has definitely shown me is that I am a grazer. I think one of the keys to weight control, having bring put in this position by the monitoring and enforced fasting, is no eating between meals. At all. If anything, just water.

No food after 7.00pm either. Only water.

26 Apr Day nine : PREDICT study

Nearly there! So far I’ve lost 4lbs in weight in 7 days. Today is two muffins and a milk shake.

Feeling pretty lousy at the mo. V tired and a tad grumpy. May be due to being kept up by my 13 month old son at 1.30 am..

24 Apr Day seven : PREDICT study

Well, the glucose morning was not bad at all. No stomach pains. Just a light headed feeling, that even after a kick ass sausage and pepper quiche from my fav local cafe, is still habging around.

Will still have a full lunch around 13.00 with Tomos and Bethan.

Corporate Boxercise class resumes this afternoon at 17.00 too!!

23 Apr Day six : PREDICT study

Back on the #muffins! The glucose drink day yesterday was not good. I genuinely felt odd all day.Had intended to train with a client in the afternoon but still felt slightly light headed.Back on a 3 hr fast after lunch, then eat what I like. #PREDICTSTUDY #manymuffins #nutrition

22 Apr Day five : PREDICT study

Got stomach pains about two hrs after the glucose drink. I contacted the support team and they’ve said it can be a normal reaction to such a large dose of sugar, a hyperglycemia reaction.

I’m currently sat with two hot cross buns with cheese and a large cup of tea. Feel a lot better too!