Author: Andy

28 Jun A sea change is needed

Last night the English football team lost to Iceland in Euro 2016.

We have the richest football league in the world, yet our national team has underperformed in virtually every major tournament since 1966.

A fundamental change has to happen to English football.

If the training plan ain’t working, change it….

26 Jun Club champion PT client!!


Massive congratulations to Alison B, one of my PT clients who has won her club championship at Remedy Oak golf course this weekend!!
Superb job Alison!!!
#fitness #specifictraining #core #personaltraining

25 Jun Outdoor fitness success

Well, the first six week Bootcamp block has finished for the new Twyford outdoor gym! Next block is already taking bookings!
Great to see so many people using it too.
Contact us at for more details.
#fitness #bootcamp #trainhard

22 Jun Super Wednesday

Client number 4 on a v busy Wednesday for PT.
6.15 PT, 8 PT in the gym, 9.15 PT outdoor, now an indoor PT, home session. Weights, core and metabolic training!

17 Jun Macks Losers amaze!!


WOW!! Macks Losers have excelled themselves.
Tee shirts not worn in years fitting! Outfit goals achieved!
Targets met!
Biggest loser Pauline with, wait for it….11lbs in just about 4 weeks training!!
How you ask?
Hard work, Metabolic training, nutritional guidance and HARD WORK!!
#personaltraining #nutrition #fitfam #fitness #trainhard

11 Jun Weekend fitness strikes back


Macksfitness’ Saturday Boot camps kicked it today!!
Jack and the gang in Twyford braved the elements.
The Colden common crew and I worked hard on sequences of HIIT workouts.
Good stuff all.
Enjoy the weekend.
You deserve it!!